Jazz by the Sea is hét oude stijl Jazzfestival aan de Zeeuwse kust.

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Jazz by the Sea | 19 september t/m 22 september 2024 | DONEREN | VRIJWILLIGERS GEZOCHT



Arising from Hollands funk/acid jazz band The Pact, Italy’s world-renowned saxophonist Gianni Vancini an USA’s powerhouse vocalist Selina Albright, NW FRQNC (pronounced “New Frequency”) brings you a groove driven debut album with compelling ballads, to be released in the fall of 2024. The three entities of NW FRQNC first met when they performed on stage together in 2019 and subsequently released an EP together, the writing of which started remotely between their three home countries. However, NW FRQNC’s new album is the result of a writing process that started in 2023 with all band members in the same studio, jamming toward what they would find is a brand new sound for all involved. The group booked a studio for just a week in beautiful Italy, where most of the songs from the album were birthed from the incredible synergy, enthusiasm and dedication of the band’s six members. As the music began to develop, this was when all of them knew: this album is something groundbreaking!
NW FRQNC’s album consists of groove-driven songs like “M.D.V.C.” and “Come Over”, and also contemporary jazz infused songs like “New Frequency”, “Maceo” and “Intentional”. Demonstrating their versatility, NW FRQNC added the icing on the album in the form of three beautiful power ballads, “Hummingbird”, “Are you Still Here” and “Will You”. Having played several jazz festivals, NW FRQNC is quickly building a buzz and a track record of turning a concert into a unanimous party. The incredibly charismatic Selina Albright, backed by the strong pocketed band, flavored by talented saxophonist Gianni Vancini, is sure
to keep any crowed engaged!

Tune in to this NW FRQNC!