Jazz by the Sea is hét oude stijl Jazzfestival aan de Zeeuwse kust.

Domburg en omgeving.

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Jazz by the Sea | 19 september t/m 22 september 2024 | DONEREN | VRIJWILLIGERS GEZOCHT

Markos Mavromichalis 4tet

Markos Mavromichalis 4tet

Hello! I am Markos. I Obtained my BA from Codarts University of the Arts and I am currently a pursuing my master’s degree. Originating from Cyprus, I embarked on a musical journey to the Netherlands, captivated by its vibrant music scene. Now based in Rotterdam, I am actively involved in performing and sharing my musical expertise through teaching.

My musical journey spans across diverse genres, including Jazz, Classical, Pop, and Rock. As a jazz artist, I delve into the profound essence of this genre, infusing my performances with a distinctive sound. Jazz, characterized by improvisation, demands a profound grasp of music theory, a solid rhythmic sense, advanced technique, and the ability to navigate the fretboard visually. While Jazz is my forte, my musical palette is enriched by influences from various genres, shaping my unique musical identity.

Teaching for me its not just learning more scales or chords, but a deep understanding of the instrument and the theory behind it. I aim to provide a supportive and engaging environment where students can explore their talents and develop their skills. I like to “keep my lessons structured” with each lesson having a goal whilst at the same time I strive to inspire and motivate students, creating an environment where they can genuinely enjoy the learning process.